Kids Coding



What they will learn:

  • ​Learn to programme a robot
  • ​Curriculum-based activities
  • ​Learn to input commands
  • Learn to debug programmes
  • Create  games

Course Overview:

Introduction to coding concepts using a variety of tools and techniques that will enhance their knowledge of coding.

Transferrable Skills:

  • ​Problem Solving
  • ​Creativity
  • ​Collaboration
  • ​Communication
  • Critical Thinking


Monday 22nd July - Saturday 31st August

Everyday 10am to 2pm


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​£26 per hour

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Why Choose StudyBox Coding Lab?

5-7 year olds

1-hour lessons

  • A fun introduction to coding.
  • Screen-free and hands-on activities to teach coding.
  • Learn to program a robot to perform a sequence of steps.
  • Children can set up fun cause and effect sequences.

8-9 year olds

1 or 2 hour lessons

  • Progress from off-screen activities to on-screen coding.
  • Team-based projects.
  • Create a vehicle and programme it to move and complete tasks.
  • Introduction to Python coding language.

10-12 year olds

2 or 4 hour Lessons

  • Learn how coding languages work.
  • Create your own code.
  • Linking software with hardware.
  • Learn how to continue working on their project after the lesson has finished. 

13-15 year olds

2 or 4 hour Lessons

  • Learn multiple coding languages.
  • Create your own code or game.
  • Linking software with hardware.
  • Online platform to continue working on their project at home.
  • Exam preparation for GCSE
1 hour Coding Lab

1 hour per week



/ 1 hour lesson

  • Same tutor, day and time
  • Fun & engaging lessons
  • Regular feedback
Summer Holiday Coding Lab

4 hours per day



/ 4 hour Lesson

  • Same tutor, day and time
  • Fun & engaging lessons
  • Regular feedback

What Our Students Are Saying:

The coding lab was really fun and I learnt to build a robot. The tutor was nice and helped me to put everything in the right place so it worked. 

Anna S - 7 years old

I liked the coding lab, my tutor was good at explaining things before we started and was there to help me when I got stuck. I started making a game on my first lesson and now I am able to continue working on it at home

Jacob M - 11 years old

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