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StudyBox provides 11 plus tuition for students in year 4 & 5. Students are taught methods based on the 11 plus exam format in the local area. We aim to cover all aspects of Maths, English, Problem Solving & Exam Prep.

How lessons work

Students work with tutors in a small group learning concepts & methods based on the 11 plus exam. Each student has a unique lesson plan & works at their own pace guided by the tutor. Goals are set and monitored with weekly feedback to parents.

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StudyBox provides a free trial and assessment. You can request a Free Trial any day after school or Saturday mornings.

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    The eleven plus exams

    Selective Eligibility Test

    The Selective eligibility test consists of two multiple choice test papers; a Maths paper and an English paper. Each paper will be about 45 minutes long. The tests do not include verbal reasoning or non verbal reasoning. Students will need to record their answers on a separate multiple choice answer sheet.

    The 11 Plus Test

    The eleven plus exams are constantly evolving but usually consist of two test papers. Common subjects tested are maths and English and some verbal and non verbal. Our 11 plus course is based on the exams used by the schools in Sutton and Wallington. We can also prepare your child for schools in Croydon and Kingston.

    Current Exam Format

    The current exam format is split evenly between English and maths therefore we spend an hour on each subject. We also spend some time practising verbal and non verbal tests. During each lesson their work is marked and feedback given on progress.

    We are constantly updating our course to reflect any changes to the exams.

    11 PLUS Preparation for the following schools

    Battersea Girls High School

    1st Stage: Multiple choice English and maths.
    2nd Stage: Written English and maths

    Wallington Girls High School

    1st Stage: Multiple choice English and maths.
    2nd Stage: Written English and maths.

    Sutton Grammar School

    Sutton Grammar School 1st Stage: Multiple choice English and maths.
    2nd Stage: Written extended English and written maths.

    Wallington County Grammar

    1st Stage: Multiple choice English and maths.
    2nd Stage: There is no longer a second stage test.

    Wilson’s School

    1st Stage: Multiple choice English and maths.
    2nd Stage: Written English and maths.



    Year 4 students can attend any day or time and focus on the core skills in maths and English. We aim to get through as much of the year 4 and 5 curriculum as possible in preparation. Some topics we cover are mental maths, fractions, decimals, percentages, Vocabulary (synonyms, opposites and plurals) Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Comprehension.


    In year 5, we run weekly two hour classes. Students work through set topics in maths and English and are then taught any concepts they need help with. We work in small groups and one to one where necessary. Students are given homework to complete before next week’s lesson.


    ​Maths preparation involves a balance of learning & testing.

    Step 1

    Make sure students are confident and accurate with core topics and mental calculation work.

    Step 2

    We then move to start building speed and accuracy trying to eliminate mistakes.

    Step 3

    Start multiple choice practice papers and work on exam technique.


    English skills take time to develop so we recommend reading daily.

    Step 1

    The three main skills needed for the 11+ exam: multiple choice, written comprehension, and essay writing.

    Step 2

    Writing skills are taught including, effective planning, creative writing, punctuation and grammar, correct spellings and vocabulary.

    Step 3

    Start testing using Multiple choice and written comprehension papers.

    11 PLUS FAQ’S

    We teach in very small groups. Each Tutor is assigned 2 to 3 students and will be responsible for their lessons each week.

    Yes, we provide weekly homework and also test papers towards the end of the course. We recommend you buy 10 minute test books to practise at home during the year and can provide you with a list.

    The tutors are Teachers, Graduates and past Grammar school students. They use their knowledge of the schools to guide the students through the exam process.

    Yes absolutely, the 11 plus is not for everyone and if your child is struggling with the workload they may not be suited to the Grammar environment. We always provide regular feedback and results so you will be able to measure your child’s progress and make any decisions from there.

    Lesson times and prices for 11 Plus <> £56 per 2 hour lesson