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Why do students find maths so hard?

Maths learning is cumulative, which means it works much like building blocks. You have to gain understanding in one concept before you can move on to the next. Our first building blocks are established in primary school, when we learn rules for add, subtract, multiply and divide. Those first concepts usually build our foundation but all too often for many students this is where the problems start and if not dealt with it can lead to a loss in confidence in the future.

Making Maths Less Difficult

Mental maths is the key to confidence in learning maths so this is usually a good starting point.

Good tutors know how to break maths down into manageable chunks so that a student can learn step by step and build confidence in the core concepts first.

How can we help?

StudyBox provides maths tuition for students from Year 1 to GCSE. Students are taught methods based on the national curriculum. We aim to complement and support their school education and cover all aspects of Maths, Problem Solving & Exam Prep.

How lessons work

Students work with tutors on a 3 to 1 basis learning concepts & methods based on their school level. Each student has a unique lesson plan & works at their own pace guided by the tutor. Goals are set and monitored with weekly feedback to parents.

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StudyBox provides a free trial and assessment. You can request a Free Trial any day after school or Saturday mornings.

Please contact us and choose the closest maths tuition centre near you.

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