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Importance of Education in 2017
Importance of Education in 2017 In a fast-changing world where the most valuable skill you have is your knowledge, a[...]
Ways to expand your child’s vocabulary
Ways to expand your child’s vocabulary It is common that children learn quicker than Adults. A child’s vocabulary expands as they[...]
How to prepare for the SATs
How to prepare for the SATs SATs exams are taken by year 2 and year 6 students. It helps the[...]
Year 1 Phonics test
Year 1 Phonics test: All you need to know A phonic screening test is a type of test that is[...]
What is SPAG?
What is SPAG? SPAG stands for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. SPAG is useful for every child due to several reasons.[...]
Tips for Passing 11+ Exam
Do you want your child to attend State Grammar schools in England? To attend the prestigious Grammar schools your child[...]
How to tell if your child needs a tutor
How to tell if your child needs a tutor? Does your child struggle to do homework? Do you have to[...]
Mental maths, why is it important for children?
Mental maths, why is it important for children? Every child can train their brain for mathematical calculations. There is a[...]
Tips to keep your child’s mind active over the summer holidays
Tips to keep your child's mind active over the summer holidays During the holiday season, learning can easily take a[...]
Successful exam preparation tips for students
Successful exam preparation tips Exams are stressful for everyone.  Even the most academically minded of students can become nervous and[...]
Get Tips For Stress Free Homework
Tips for stress-free homework Homework is a necessary part of education and can teach your child discipline, organisation and provide[...]
Tips For You To Teach Your Child At Home
Tips for teaching your child at home Every parent wants to ensure that their child has the best opportunities when[...]
How Private Tuition Can Reduce Stress For Parents
How our private tuition in Wallington reduces parents stress You come home after a stressful and busy day at work.[...]
How To Improve English Reading Skills
Five tips on how to improve your child's English reading skills There are very few things more important to your[...]
GCSE exam preparation
GCSE Exam Preperations With the 2017 GCSE exams only a matter of months away, preparation is vital. The key to[...]
Boost Your Child’s Confidence
Student Self-Esteem The early school years play a major role in shaping a child’s self esteem and confidence. Children with high[...]
Why Learn Our Times Tables?
Times Tables Troubles? One of the hardest maths tasks for young children (and some older ones!) is learning their times[...]

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