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Improving your child’s vocabulary at home
Improving your child's vocabulary at home will help them to succeed in future!   Encouraging your child to expand on[...]
Subtracting fractions in 3 simple steps
Fractions are a challenging subject to grasp in maths. Helping children with subtracting  fractions doesn't have to be a difficult[...]
Helping children with their spellings
The English language can be challenging to grasp, especially for children learning how to spell. Helping children with their spellings[...]
3 ways to engage children with learning
Keeping children's focus and maintaining their full attention can be challenging when it comes to learning. This is because not[...]
6 ways to help motivate your child
Motivating your child with learning and education doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many ways parents can help[...]
Encouraging critical thinking in children
Encouraging critical thinking in children is an important life skill which is beneficial to learn from a young age.  [...]
Encouraging creative writing for children
Encouraging creative writing for children has a number of benefits. It improves English and writing skills, spelling, creativity, communication skills,[...]
Preparing for Mock Exams
Preparing for mock exams is key for achieving those predicted GCSE grades.   Mock exams are good preparation for GCSEs,[...]
Learning Times Tables
Learning times tables can be a challenge for children, as there are multiple sequences to learn, from 1 up until[...]
Phonics and Sound Patterns
Phonics is the study of sound patterns. It is a method taught when learning to read, through linking sounds with[...]
StudyBox opens a new centre in Battersea!
On the 21st October, StudyBox opens a new centre in Battersea! StudyBox Battersea will be the latest addition to our[...]
Making learning fun for children
Homework and studying are a constant in every child’s life. It may seem like a chore, especially when the subject[...]
GCSE Revision Schedule
For students in year 11, GCSEs are the most challenging year in your life so far. Time management and creating[...]
Adjusting from primary to secondary school
Starting secondary school is a milestone in every child’s life. It signifies the path into adolescence and taking on more[...]
How to give your child an extra boost with learning
A child’s most important role model and teacher is their parent. A parent takes on board many job roles, asides[...]
The importance of reading for pleasure
The importance of reading for pleasure should be implemented from a young age. Reading has numerous benefits to health, concentration[...]
Start off the year right
The academic year is upon us once again; it is important to start off the year right. The new syllabus[...]
How to get a head start in September
Are you wondering how to get a head start in September for your child? Starting the new academic year can[...]
GCSE Results Day 2019
GCSE results day this year falls on Thursday 22ndAugust 2019. This week, students across the country awake with anticipation to[...]
International Youth Day 2019
International Youth Day 2019 brings to attention the 1.8 million young people in the world. This is the largest youth[...]
National Playday 2019
The 7th August is National Playday 2019! This special day highlights the importance of play in children’s lives.   On[...]
SATs and GCSE Curriculum Change
Did you know there was a SATs and GCSE curriculum change in 2016 and 2017? New grading systems are put[...]
Top 10 Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss
The summer holidays are a well deserved break after a year of hard work. Key exams like SATs, the Eleven[...]
Year 5: Summer Tuition Sessions for the Eleven Plus Exam
With just 63 days to go until the Eleven Plus exam, it is important to start preparation early in order[...]
World Youth Skills Day
Today is World Youth Skills Day, bringing to light the importance of youth development in their education and abilities. Starting[...]
Kids Coding Lab
Did you know that StudyBox offers a Kids Coding Lab? This course will introduce your child to coding concepts. They[...]
Year 4 Eleven Plus Exam Course with StudyBox
The Eleven Plus exam can be daunting. Everyone wants to secure a spot at their secondary school of choice, which[...]
National School Sports Week
This week is important because it celebrates schools all over the country participating in P.E. Since National School Sports Week[...]
Introducing a Coding Course For Kids During May Half Term
This May half term, StudyBox will be introducing a coding course for students. Further courses will then be made available[...]
An additional tuition centre for StudyBox at Kidspace, Croydon
In April, StudyBox opened its latest tuition centre. In addition to our centres in Wallington, Sutton and Epsom we now[...]
Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for SPaGs and SATs preparation
Although literacy has always been a key element of the SATs format for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2[...]
Exercise and education: the perfect formula for success
Evidence for the positive effect of exercise on learning is gathering pace. The benefits of exercise on attention control, which[...]
Private Tuition Could Benefit Your Child
Many students find that mainstream education doesn’t have the resources to provide sufficient one-to-one attention from teachers. Parents are turning[...]
The Importance of Reading Skills
Importance of reading skills Reading skills are critical for children's development, studies have shown a link between competency in reading[...]
Help your child improve their maths skills
Help Your Child Improve Their Maths Skills Maths can be a tricky subject for many people and as a parent,[...]
How to improve children’s concentration skills
How to improve children's concentration skills For your child to make the most of their education, it is vital that[...]
Easy Back To School Breakfast
Easy Back-To-School Breakfasts It’s almost time for back to school, which means the crazy school mornings are back! It’s important[...]
Five Ways Tuition Can Complement School Learning
Five Ways StudyBox Tuition Can Really Complement School Learning When it comes to after-school tuition, parents have many questions such[...]
How to Prepare For Secondary School
How to prepare your child for secondary school We've prepared five ways to help your child prepare for secondary school[...]
Be Supportive on Exam Results Day
How to support your child on exam results day The run-up to exam results day can prove to be an[...]
Why is Science Important?
Why is Science Important to learn? Science is everywhere in our day to day lives.  It can help to answer[...]
New Times Tables Test for Year 4 Students
New Times Tables Test What is it? The government have introduced the multiplication check to help ensure that children know[...]
5 Ways You Can Encourage Your Child to Read
Encouraging Your Child to Read 1. English Reading Skills Reading is a vital skill for children to learn as they’re[...]
Understanding the new GCSEs:
Understanding the new GCSEs: What you need to know What exactly are the new GCSEs? We’ve all heard about or[...]
Encouraging Creative Writing
Why creative writing is important Creative writing is important for children to learn as it promotes imagination and helps them[...]
The Importance of Education
The Importance of Education In a fast-changing world where the most valuable skill you have is your knowledge, a good[...]
Ways to expand your child’s vocabulary
Ways to expand your child’s vocabulary It is common that children learn quicker than Adults. A child’s vocabulary expands as they[...]
How to prepare for the SATs
How to prepare for the SATs SATs exams are taken by year 2 and year 6 students. It helps the[...]
Year 1 Phonics test
Year 1 Phonics test: All you need to know A phonic screening test is a type of test that is[...]
What is SPAG?
SPAG stands for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. SPAG is useful for every child due to several reasons. The consideration of[...]
How to Pass The 11 Plus Exam
Do you want your child to attend State Grammar schools in England? To attend the prestigious Grammar schools your child[...]
Does Your Child Need a Tutor?
Does your child struggle to do homework? Do you have to push them in doing it? Have you tried to[...]
Mental maths, why is it important for children?
Mental maths, why is it important for children? Every child can train their brain for mathematical calculations. There is a[...]
Tips to keep your child’s mind active over the summer holidays
Tips to keep your child's mind active over the summer holidays During the holiday season, learning can easily take a[...]
Successful Exam Preparation Tips for Students
Successful exam preparation tips Exams are stressful for everyone.  Even the most academically minded of students can become nervous and[...]
5 Tips For Stress Free Homework
5 Tips for Stress-Free Homework Homework is a necessary part of education and can teach your child discipline, organisation and[...]
5 Tips For Your Child At Home
5 Tips for teaching your child at home Every parent wants to ensure that their child has the best opportunities[...]
How Private Tuition Can Reduce Stress For Parents
You come home after a stressful and busy day at work. You muster up the energy to cook, tidy up,[...]
How To Improve English Reading Skills
Five tips on how to improve your child's English reading skills There are very few things more important to your[...]
GCSE exam preparation
With the 2017 GCSE exams only a matter of months away, preparation is vital. The key to preparation is being[...]
Boost Your Child’s Confidence
Boost Skills In English And Maths And Improve Your Childs Confidence Student Self-Esteem The early school years play a major[...]
Why Learn Our Times Tables?
One of the hardest maths tasks for young children (and some older ones!) is learning their times tables.  A recent[...]