Five tips on how to improve your child’s English reading skills

There are very few things more important to your child’s education and development in life, than becoming proficient and confident with reading. Children who are well read are often more confident at school, have better communication skills and have higher self-esteem. However, being a good reader is a skill and is not something that comes naturally to all children.

how to improve english reading skills

Here are some ways you can help your child improve their reading skills:

Change the reading environment

The first thing to remember is that all children are different. Some would prefer to read aloud in front of their parents, some might prefer that you read to them, and others might prefer a combination of the two methods.  It’s important to know which environment your child is most comfortable reading in so that they are encouraged and motivated to read.

Pick the right reading material

Making sure your child is surrounded by the right reading material is almost as important as the environment they read in. If your child has to suffer through a book which he or she has no interest in, they will not be motivated to want to learn. Whether it’s a story about ghouls and ghosts; a comic book featuring superheroes; or a magazine about wild animals, feeding your child’s passions and interests is the key to their literacy success.

Making reading part of their routine

The old adage “practice makes perfect” rings true, especially when it comes to improving your child’s reading. If you set aside regular time for reading with your child, this will eventually become part of their routine.

Set achievable goals

We all know that when unrealistic targets are set at work, it leaves us stressed, anxious and demotivated to meet our goals. The same thing goes for kids and their attitude to reading. If they are given a book that seems impossible to get through or reading material that they can’t relate to or understand, they are likely to give up before they have even started. However, if you set achievable goals, such as setting a time limit on reading, or reading a chapter of a book per night, your child will be challenged but also motivated to read.

Celebrate achievements

If your child finishes a challenging reading task or shows continued commitment to their reading, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate that success. When you reward their effort, they will want to continue the hard work.

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