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How to Prepare For Secondary School

secondary school

How to prepare your child for secondary school

We’ve prepared five ways to help your child prepare for secondary school smoothly and successfully.

Summer is nearly over, which means it is almost time for the big transition to secondary school. It can be an exciting and daunting time for both parents and children. As a parent, you want to ensure your little ones (not so little anymore), are relaxed and prepared.

Be there to listen

Starting secondary school is a big transition and children are bound to be worried.
Encourage them to share what they are worried about, remind your child that everyone is in the same boat when they start.

Help your child become more responsible

Secondary school is a big step up from primary school and requires far more organisation. Get them into the habit of packing bags the night before, help them arrange a homework schedule. Their days are a lot longer, make sure they get enough rest and get into a good sleep pattern.  

Encourage independence

If your child is going to make their own way to school make sure they are familiar with the route. Taking the trip with them over the holidays will allow them to feel confident on where they are going.

Ensure they have everything they need

In order that everything goes smoothly, check your child has everything they need to start the term, the school will often send a starter pack with a list of everything you need to buy.

Stay prepared

You won’t have as much contact with the school as you did with the primary school and you mainly rely on your child to bring home notes and messages from school. If you want to stay in the loop, parent-teacher meetings and get involved with the parents’ association.


According to the Institute of Education, students who have a successful transition display higher levels of self-esteem and confidence once at secondary school. They also adapt much better to school life and find work they completed in year 6 to be very useful for the work they have to undertake in year 7.

Extra Tuition

If you feel you have helped your child as best as you can but they still need help, maybe consider a tuition centre where your child can get tailored help from a skilled professional. Here at StudyBox each student has a unique lesson plan & works at their own pace guided by the tutor, goals are set and monitored with weekly feedback to parents.
StudyBox is a tuition centre based in Wallington, Sutton, Croydon and Battersea. Find out more click here.

Danielle Reid