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The Importance of Reading Skills

Importance of reading skills

Importance of reading skills

Reading skills are critical for children’s development, studies have shown a link between competency in reading and overall attainment. Scientific research has linked childhood reading ability to improve life outcomes such as higher earning.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies conducted a study in 2015:
“Overall, it has shown that reading skills are associated with significant increases in gross hourly wages and gross weekly earnings.”

There are so many digital distractions these days, it can be difficult to get children to read, here are some ideas to help:

Dedicate a set time for reading

Create a set time in the day where your child has to read for at least an hour. Turn off all distractions so they can 100% focus on the reading. As a parent, you can also join in and read with them so it can seem like a joint activity.

Reward good reading

Setting a target to read maybe 2 or 3 books a month with a reward at the end will be an incentive for your child to get reading!

Find books that interest them

Reading will certainly be a challenge if your child is reading books that do not interest them. Consider what interests your child has, and then try to find books related to that. For example, if your child is interested in fantasy, there are a great number of ‘fantasy fiction’ books out there that will interest all different readers!

Exhibit a love of reading throughout your household

If your child observes that you as parents love to read, it is very likely that they will develop a love of reading themselves.

English Tuition

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