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Kids Coding Lab

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Did you know that StudyBox offers a Kids Coding Lab?

This course will introduce your child to coding concepts. They will use a variety of techniques and be introduced to new tools. This will enhance their knowledge of coding.

Why learn coding?

In our digital generation, coding is the future. It is the source of websites, apps and video games. Coding not only helps with maths and writing skills, but will look good on a CV and eventually enhance job opportunities.

The Kids Coding Lab will include:

Creating a game using software

Curriculum-oriented activities

Learning to input commands

Programming a robot through learning sensors and control

Course Details:

5-7 year olds:

(1 hour lessons)

  • Fun introduction to coding
  • Screen-free, hands-on activities
  • Programming a robot to perform a sequence of steps
  • Setting up cause and effect sequences

8-9 year olds:

(1-2 hour lessons)

  • Progress from off-screen to on-screen activities
  • Team-based projects
  • Create and program a vehicle to move and complete tasks
  • Introduction to Python coding language

10-12 year olds

(2-4 hour lessons)

  • Learn how coding languages work
  • Create your own code
  • Linking software with hardware
  • Learn how to continue working on their project after the lesson has finished

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Tara Proudfoot