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World Youth Skills Day

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Today is World Youth Skills Day, bringing to light the importance of youth development in their education and abilities.

Starting to think about your child’s future?

The job market is extremely competitive in today’s generation. Young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than in previous years, despite possessing developed skills.

School-to-work transitions are becoming more and more challenging for the youth of today, so what is the solution?

That’s how StudyBox can help.

StudyBox offers one-on-one tuition in maths, English and science. Not to mention, a kids coding course. Additional tuition outside of school will boost your child’s confidence, as well as equipping them with the learning skills to be the top of their class.

“Education and training are key determinants for the job market.”

Globally, unemployment and lower quality of jobs is currently one of the most crucial issues. According to the United Nations, “education and training are key determinants” for the job market. Through private tuition, your child can get a head start in their education.

If you’re looking to send your child to their secondary school of choice, StudyBox also offers Eleven Plus courses in preparation for the Eleven Plus exams. A good education is vital for a successful future.

According to the Department for Education and Employment, today’s society are seeing lower levels of achievement in basic English and maths skills. Moreover, existing systems are failing to address young people’s learning needs. At StudyBox, our tutors provide tailored lessons to each child, focusing on the areas they find the most challenging. This will help to pave their education from primary school to secondary school, and their way from higher education into the job market.

“Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow.”

It is key to encourage children’s potential through their own skilled abilities. This will “promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (United Nations).

Consequently, it is important to start thinking about your child’s future early on. According to United Nations, developing technical and vocational education early on prepares children for future workplace skills. StudyBox’s Kids Coding course not only helps with maths and writing skills, but is also a great addition to a CV and for enhancing job opportunities.

Sign up for tuition with StudyBox on World Youth Skills Day to give your child a head start with their future!

After all, today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Tara Proudfoot