The importance of reading for pleasure

The importance of reading for pleasure should be implemented from a young age. Reading has numerous benefits to health, concentration and learning.

Last week celebrated #NationalReadaBookDay and #InternationalLiteracyDay. It certainly honoured the importance of reading.

Here’s why you should encourage your child to read for pleasure:

  1. Studies show that reading makes a difference to educational performance

Reading expands vocabulary and increases general knowledge. Not to mention developing language and communication skills which are useful for life.

  1. Reading inspires imagination and creativity

When we read, we gain an insight into another fictional world. We follow the author’s thoughts and we use our own imagination to interpret characters and other worlds. It allows us to expand on our creativity and gain inspiration from other’s ideas.


  1. Reading improves empathy

A study called “Mind the Eyes,” by Dr. Oatley and Dr. Mar, found that people who read fiction are able to empathise with others more effectively. The study consisted of participants reading fiction and non-fiction, then examining a collection of photographs of people’s eyes. The aim was to identify the expression of each pair of eyes from a short list, including shy, guilty and worried. Those who read fiction were able to more accurately identify the expressions over the non-fiction readers.

  1. Reading improves focus and concentration

Reading involves the use of several brain functions, improving the brain’s connectivity. We are able to stop, think and process the story all at once. It is a form of escapism, allowing us to switch off and focus solely on one thing.

  1. It reduces anxiety and stress

A study from the University of Sussex found that six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%, being more relaxing than listening to music or having a cup of tea. This is because reading is more than a distraction, Dr. David Lewis states that it is ‘an active engaging of the imagination.’

The importance of reading for pleasure links to educational benefits, creativity and stress-reduction. If your child needs extra support in English, encouraging reading for pleasure will help with vocabulary, concentration and focus, to name but a few. Additionally, StudyBox offer one-to-one support with maths, English and science tuition.

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Tara Proudfoot