Using 6 Disciplinary Elements for your child’s education

Child at StudyBox

As a parent, it is important to use positive discipline to ensure your child thrives in their education and in life.

Using 6 Disciplinary Elements for your child’s education will provide a structure and compliment their learning.

Following 6 simple steps will make sure that your child works effectively and productively:

1. Be attentive

Observe the way your child learns and assist with their learning.

2. Respect

Respect is mutual and it goes a long way. listen to their needs and help them whenever possible.

3. Be firm, yet reasonable

Establishing the right amount of discipline is important. It’s all about the balance between not being overly strict and not being too lenient.

4. Communication

Effective communication is key for a good relationship with your child. Try asking what subjects they are enjoying, how their day was or if they need help with anything.

5. Positive Reinforcement

Reward your child when it is necessary. This will encourage them to keep up the good behaviour!

6. Setting goals

Goal setting is a good way to focus on what needs to be achieved. Perhaps offer an incentive when the goal is achieved.

Implementing these strategies will complement your child’s work ethic, whilst providing a structure to their life.