What is SPAG?

Spelling, Punctuation and grammar

SPAG stands for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. SPAG is useful for every child due to several reasons. The consideration of grammar, spelling, and punctuation is essential in every aspect of the life. Apart from developing the cognitive skills and learning abilities, there is a need to write and produce the thoughts in an effective way. Just understanding a concept is not enough, learning to write it in a right way is also important. The quality of written communication will be increased only by considering SPAG.

As your children are in the age of learning, they have the ability to learn all the new concepts and techniques. Considering SPAG for your children should be done due to the following reasons:

  • It will allow your child to understand the right spellings that should be used.
  • Understanding of the usage of punctuation at the right time.
  • Accurate usage of grammar.
  • Ability to present information in an effective way so that it will suit its purpose.
  • The use of an appropriate style of writing and use of terminologies where they are needed.

Why does your child need to improve SPAG?

Your child needs to master several skills to become a person with all the expertise. One of the most important aspects to master is to have the right grip on the SPAG. Text communication is important no matter if they are doing it for some informal activity or for solving formal exams. The right written communication is the key to their success whether academic or professional. The effective knowledge of SPAG will help them in understanding the right use of every single word. This will further allow them to communicate in an effective way.

As far as the short term success is concerned, the ability to spell a word in a right way, the ability to use the punctuation at the right point and ability to write with the appropriate grammar is essential for the assessment process. Their success will depend on the right usage of SPAG.

Consider this scenario as in the example where you child will be attempting an essay question. The question solved with the wrong grammar and punctuation will not get good marks for them. On the other hand, if it is solved with good punctuation and grammar, it will be easier for the examiner to read it. Also, it will make the content of your child much more persuasive and engaging.

Note for the parents:

If you are planning to teach your children about SPAG, it should be noted that relying on the applications will not resolve the issue. There are times when these applications suggest something wrong even if they are right. These corrections are often misleading and will have a negative impact on your children. This is why there is a need to monitor the learning process.

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