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Why is Science Important?

Science learn

Why is Science Important to learn?

Science is everywhere in our day to day lives.  It can help to answer all those questions children ask, like ‘Why does the moon appear during daylight?’ and ‘How do aeroplanes stay up in the sky?’ Science helps children to learn how and why things happen in the world.

Why should children learn Science?

Encouraging your children to learn science will help them to uncover new beneficial discoveries in the future and develop their knowledge as these skills will be used to prepare for GCSE exams and SATs.

Contents of science

Science is divided into 3 categories such as; Biology (the study of living organisms), Chemistry (investigations of reactions) and Physics (the study of nature and properties of matter and energy).

Science at School

Science is studied in detail starting from KS4 (Year 10). StudyBox provides teaching and learning experiences starting from KS3 to enable children to achieve the highest possible standards at GCSE level.

What methods we use to teach

  • Teaching topics using a whiteboard
  • Verbal Class quizzes
  • Written Exams
  • Various levels of Worksheets
  • Encouraging students to make revision notes in diverse ways (revision cards, booklets)
  • Interactive Science Education videos

After learning science and continuous practice, many students show positive progress and attain better results. We consistently encourage the development of their scientific skills and attitudes to provide lifelong learning.

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New Times Tables Test for Year 4 Students

Year 4 times table test

New Times Tables Test

What is it?

The government have introduced the multiplication check to help ensure that children know their times tables up to 12 off by heart. The test will take place in Year 4 and takes no longer than 5 minutes. It will allow teachers to recognise where children need support to ensure they leave primary school with a secure grasp of fundamental arithmetic as a foundation for maths.

Why are times tables important?

Knowing their tables will allow children to confidently solve problems quickly during lessons and later on in life. As we all know, times tables are crucial in everyday life. From working out quantities of ingredients when baking to calculating the currency exchange rate when going on holiday!

Encouraging your child to learn tables

The best way for a child to learn their times tables is lots of repetition and lots of practice. Try and incorporate learning their tables into your child’s everyday life. Times such as driving to and from school and meal times are great opportunities to ask your child times tables questions. You can also turn it into a fun game and challenge your child to see how many they can get right in a certain amount of time! For children who love screen time, there are lots of apps available on iPads and tablets that use fun, interactive games to help with times tables. There are also lots of videos on YouTube that teach times tables using catchy songs.

Here is an example of a “catchy times tables” song on YouTube. Click Here.

How can we help?

Here at StudyBox, we set aside 5-10 minutes of each maths lesson for students to learn and practise their tables. We have a variety of online programmes and worksheets to support children when learning their times tables as well as opportunities to practise under timed conditions.

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Sophie Lambert,
Tutor at StudyBox