Introducing a Coding Course For Kids During May Half Term

introducing a coding course

This May half term, StudyBox will be introducing a coding course for students. Further courses will then be made available during the summer break.

What is coding?

Coding is the skill of the future. It is the foundation on which websites, apps and video games are created and maintained. Put simply, through the language of coding we communicate with computers.

Why should children learn to code?

Learning to code might be perceived by students as a welcome diversion from academic study, but it is a great way to develop new skills. Not only is coding fun and “cool”, but there are also many benefits associated with learning to code:

Coding helps students to develop new, transferable skills

  • Problem Solving

Coding teaches students to confront complex problems and break them down into smaller parts. This leads to logical, computational thinking.

  • Creativity

Instead of just using technology, through coding students put together their own vision of an app, game or website

  • Collaboration

By working together on projects, students naturally learn to collaborate and work effectively as a team, thereby developing robust work and life skills.

  • Communication

Of computers, it is often said that you only get out what you put in, and this is very much the case with coding. Students must communicate their requirements concisely through the language of coding for their project to be successful.

  • Critical Thinking

When coding, a methodical approach is essential. Students learn to map out and rigidly follow the stages of their work.

All these skills are transferrable across academic disciplines and extra-curricular activities.

Coding skills provide wider opportunities in the job market

According to Emsi, the student-to-employment economic specialists, Britain faces a shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. Coding is a skill that is very much associated with this area of learning.

Coding skills improve job prospects:

  • When applying to colleges or universities for STEM subjects, having coding experience can give students an advantage over the competition
  • Demonstrating coding skills will increase a student’s prospects of securing programming job roles. Computing jobs are growing at over twice the national average of other careers, but it is argued there are not enough skilled people to fill them
  • Basic programming knowledge enhances the way students interact with the technologies they use at university and throughout their career.

StudyBox tuition will be introducing a coding course in May half term.

Why Choose StudyBox Coding Lab?

Introduction to coding concepts using a variety of tools and techniques that will enhance their knowledge of coding.

What they will learn:

  • Learn about control and sensors while programming a robot

  • Curriculum-based activities

  • Learn to input commands

  • Debug programmes

  • Create their own games


Transferrable Skills: Problem Solving, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking.


May Half-Term

10 am to 2 pm

Monday 27th – Thursday 30th 

The course will take place at StudyBox@Kidspace Croydon

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Course Overview:

5-7 year-olds

1-hour lessons

  • A fun introduction to coding.

  • Screen-free and hands-on activities to teach coding.

  • Learn to program a robot to perform a sequence of steps.

  • Children can set up fun cause and effect sequences.


8-9 year-olds

1-hour lessons

  • Progress from off-screen activities to on-screen coding.

  • Team-based projects.

  • Create a vehicle and programme it to move and complete tasks.

  • Introduction to Python coding language.

10-12 year-olds

1 or 2 hour Lessons

  • Learn how coding languages work.

  • Create your own code.

  • Linking software with hardware.

  • Learn how to continue working on their project after the lesson has finished.

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Alex Dearlove