Finding the right learning style for your child

Child doing a maths equation.

Everyone learns differently.Which is why finding the right learning style for your child will help you to support and assist with their learning effectively.

As a parent, you can apply their individual style and use this method to help them learn!


  • Learning by seeing.
  • This learner benefits by looking at pictures and imagery.
  • If your child is a visual learner, they may enjoy drawing or writing out notes. Anything visual, like examples or colourful notes, will help them to remember concepts and ideas.

Study tips:

  • Create colourful notes for studying.
  • Draw mind maps, graphs and pictures.


  • Learning by hearing.
  • This means that learning through sounds and music.
  • If your child learns best through talking aloud, they may be an auditory learner.
  • Auditory learning can also involve music to help with schoolwork or listening to instructions.

Study tips:

  • Playing music whilst your child is studying might help them to remember notes.
  • Try talking out notes aloud to speed up the process.
  • Creating songs about study notes may help your child memorise effectively.


  • Learning by doing.
  • This person learns by touching and movement.
  • Kinaesthetic learning includes being good at sports and physical activities.
  • It also involves learning through hands-on activities.

Study tips:

  • Try drawing out images or writing out notes for easier memorisation.
  • You can act out scenarios with your child to help them revise.
  • Try to create learning games to make the activity fun.


  • Learning through logic.
  • This learner understands through reasoning and numerical problem solving.
  • Understanding the logical reason behind ideas helps this type of learner make sense of things.
  • Logical learners usually learn best by following a set of rules or instructions.

Study tips:

  • Create word problems to help your child make sense of the question.
  • Problem solving, like test and equations, is the best way to test material.


  • Learning by talking and interacting.
  • The person learns by communicating and working in groups.
  • A social learner will benefit from role playing, working on projects or communicating with others.

Study tips:

  • Organising study groups will help a social learner to share ideas and work collaboratively.
  • Try engaging with your child by talking through concepts and material.
  • You can have a discussion or debate and challenge them, helping to form arguments and remember key points.

Identifying how your child learns best can help you to assist them with learning the most effective way possible. For example, if they are a visual learner, drawing out mind maps with revision notes can help them by seeing the information in front of them.

They can apply the way they learn to any situation by adapting the material to their learning style. This will stay with them for life, as they can learn effectively through using their own, unique method with the task they are set.

For other learning techniques, like engaging children with their learning, read more on our blog.

Tara Proudfoot