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Exercise and education: the perfect formula for success

the educational benefits of exercise. Child at StudyBox Tuition Learning Maths

Evidence for the positive effect of exercise on learning is gathering pace. The benefits of exercise on attention control, which is crucial for a child’s studies, are proving to be particularly significant.

This April a new StudyBox Tuition centre open in Kidspace Croydon. Students will be rewarded with an hour’s free playtime in the adventure centre before or after each tuition session. It is expected that this combination of recreation and study will lead to a positive response to learning, and ultimately academic success.

Evidence For How Exercise Helps With Study

The Centre for Educational Neuroscience claims that performance in maths and reading is improved with aerobic fitness. Perceptual skills, intelligence, verbal tests, maths tests, memory and academic readiness in ages 4-18 years are positively affected by exercise.

Research conducted by Drollette et al in 2014 found that children who usually performed poorly on attention tasks improved when tested shortly after “moderate acute exercise” such as 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill.

Another study, performed by Scientific American, shared that in their two year study across 12 schools they found that the students who exercised achieved better results with the conclusion that exercise contributes to increased academic performance.

How does exercise help with academic study?

Here’s the science bit! A study, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, reports that children who exercise have more white matter in their brains than those who don’t.

The areas of the brain where more white matter was observed are important for attention and memory. The results from a range of tests show that physical activity may be an important part of keeping children’s brains active and open to learning.

Regular exercise affects students by:

  • Boosting memory
  • Improving concentration
  • Improving mental health
  • Enhancing creativity

Students should exercise physically and mentally

Of course, it’s not just physical exercise that matters for young students. They must also exercise mentally through revision and regular study outside of the classroom. Private tuition boosts confidence by providing students with the opportunity to ask what they may think are “silly” questions and enables them to focus on problem areas of study.

StudyBox believes that the new tuition centre in Kidspace will provide the ideal opportunity for combining physical and mental exercise. Studying isn’t usually seen as a direct route to fun, but the new tuition centre will change that perception.

The new StudyBox tuition centre at Kidspace

The new purpose built modern classroom will be open weekdays from 4-6pm, and on Saturday mornings. There is free car parking and the centre is on a busy bus route.

StudyBox provides tuition in Maths, English, SATs & the 11 Plus for students of all abilities from Reception to Year 6.

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