GCSE Results Day 2019

GCSE results day this year falls on Thursday 22ndAugust 2019.

This week, students across the country awake with anticipation to find out what grades they have received in their GCSE exams.

Students can collect results from their school on the morning, usually from 10am. Results can also be received via email from 8am, if requested from the school.

What is the importance of GCSEs?

GCSE results signify the end of secondary education and determine the next step. Whether it’s continuing higher education and starting A Levels, doing an apprenticeship, or going into full-time work, there are plenty of options.

What happens when my child receives their GCSE results?

On GCSE results day 2019, students will find out whether they’ve received their predicted grades and have been accepted into their 6th form or college of choice, should they wish to continue into higher education. They will also find out whether they are accepted onto their chosen A Level subjects.

Back-up options are also selected when applying for 6th form or college. This is in case a student doesn’t receive the predicted grades to get accepted into their first choice.

New GCSE Grading System

This is the second year that the numerical grading system has been implemented. Grades rank from 1-9, (where 1 is the lowest and 9 highest), in order to differentiate amongst the brightest students. Read more about it here.

What if my child doesn’t receive their predicted grades?

If a student doesn’t achieve their predicted grades, there is no need to panic – there are plenty of other options available. Contacting the 6thform or college and finding out about other options is advised. Sometimes, the institute will accept lower grades, or offer an alternative subject to study. Another option is requesting a paper remark from the exam board, at a charge. This comes with a risk of the grade being marked lower than the original received grade, however. If a student thinks they have been marked incorrectly, they can appeal an exam result. This can be done by asking the school to get the result looked at again, or requesting it from the board themselves.

Alternatively, exam resits take place in November 2019. Asking the school for information about exam resits is the best way of finding out the details. StudyBox offers tuition for GCSE resits in November, simply call one of the centres in Croydon, Sutton or Wallington to enquire.

If none of the above options are possible, it could be worth changing a career plan and exploring something new, like doing an apprenticeship or considering BTEC qualifications.

Good luck to everyone on GCSE Results Day 2019! But if the results were different to what was expected, don’t panic. There are always plenty of other options to consider.

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Tara Proudfoot