3 ways children can learn and develop skills at home

Child learning

The education system has changed a little this year due to COVID-19. A lot of exams have been cancelled and pupils across the country have had to learn from home.


With children adapting to learning from a different environment, there are skills that can be developed from the comfort of your own home.



Here are 3 ways children can learn and develop skills at home:



  1. Reading

  • Reading is great for enhancing your child’s development. It is easy to practice regular reading from home, too.
  • Ask your child to write down a list of new words they discover. Then look up the word in the dictionary together and get them to write it down and learn it.
  • Establish a regular routine to ensure they read often. This could be half an hour every morning or evening.
  • If your child is stuck with pronunciation, help them to break down the word and sound it out. This way, their phonics will be improved.



  1. Coding

  • Coding is a great new skill for children to learn. Especially as they are growing up with and surrounded by technology.
  • There are many apps and websites which will serve as a great introduction to teaching children coding.
  • Coding has many transferrable skills, including problem solving, learning sequences and logical thinking.



  1. Critical thinking

  • Introducing critical thinking to children at an early age teaches them to think for themselves. It is a life skill, learning how to solve problems independently through logic.
  • Instead of asking “what?”, encourage children to use “how?” and “why?” These sorts of questions require more in-depth answers. It also teaches children to challenge concepts more.
  • By prompting children to ask more in-depth questions, critical thinking also ensures that they make their own judgments.